Friday, July 17, 2015


Another DIY coming your way!

I am a very organized person and as soon as I have nothing planned out, I get kinda lost in my responsibilities and end up doing nothing.
I always wanted a planer, but they are usually so expensive and living as a student on a budget without a job can really be challenging.

So I figured out, why not just make my own calendar and personalize it just the way I want it?
At first, I wanted to just search for it and print it out, so I was googling some calendars but all seemed kind of dull and boring so I decided to do it myself, finally. 
It only took me 15 minutes, Word document program and the web to find some cute pictures.
And I am using Windows, and I have no experience with other OS so I really don't know what you would use, so I made it simple for you and just gave you the picture here. :) 

I just did a calendar for the month august (but really guys, if you stare at the word ''august'' for a really long time, it just seems like it's not even a real word and as if you misspelled it).

I just did a little table (6 weeks, 7 days) and personalized it. I just wrote the numbers in and added a little cloud to write some notes in. I converted the document from Word (.doc) to an Adobe file and then to an actual picture JPG file on an online converter so I could show you guys the outcome and so you could print it out if you liked it.  
So, here it is ! And I'm sorry that the quality is a little bad, the converter somehow butchered it a little.


I added a little palm tree, even though I will not be seeing the seaside anytime soon, because I have finals.
So I made myself a little more personalized one. The little pictures at the end of the month are actually pictures for each specific final I have that day. So I have : microeconomics, statistics, law, business, and math.
And yes, I am studying economics. Kill me now. LOL
So here is mine. 

The little anime girl says : Stop blogging and GO STUDY!!
I thought it was so accurate I just had to put it on. And it filled up the free space the calendar had so that was cool too.

Another idea is : you can do these for each month and put them in a divider, and you have yourself a homemade planer, for which you didn't have to pay 30-50$, and it is personalized to your preferences. I will try to make it and post a picture before the start of an each month, like I did it here.

Have fun journaling! 

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