Friday, July 29, 2016



Is the new nail polish line that Essence came out with. As a blogger myself, I was so happy to see such a thing and I am really proud of the blogger community.

I went to my local DM and walked to the Essence stand first, as I always do.
I saw something new and when I saw the word ''blogger'', it immediately caught my eye!

I picked a nice neutral shade, I picked beige (shade 03 : All Eyes On Me).
I think it compliments every skin tone really well and the nails on pale skin don't seem to appear as zombie nails (trust me, I've been told I had zombie nails because of the really pale nude shade I chose).
If you're a fan of looking tan, I must say this nail polish really makes your skin tone pop.
It also goes really well with every outfit you put together, be it all black, colourful, or just plain jeans and a white shirt. I must say, I think this nail polish really makes a plain outfit like jeans and a top more sophisticated. 

This shade is picked by Mary from ''strikeapose'', and you can read more about the whole thing on her blog :  

All in all, this shade seems perfect for me, I love the finish it gives, it's almost like I have a gel nail polish.
It dries super fast, I was really surprised, because I bumped my nail into something and I was really scared for my nail, but when I looked at it, it was dry. I couldn't believe. 

So far, the polish has not chipped. 
It is also super affordable, and the fact that they made something in collaboration with a blogger, makes me so much more satisfied with the product. 

10/10 would recommend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I've always kinda laughed at the idea of ''inspirational quotes'', and always made fun of them. 
But truth be told, these past few months, they've been helping me. 
Battling anxiety and having depressing thoughts really got to me last month. And I've come to realise, it's all about little steps. 
It's all about changing your mindset, it's all about positive affirmations!
You can't really get rid of it, you can't wake up and say ''now my anxiety is gone'', but what you can do is battle it. Try to work with it. Learn to cope with it. Every little step counts.

That's why I think those quotes will really help someone going through something. I know these stuff might sound cliche, but when you think about it.. Cliches are cliches for a reason. 

And if you were hurt by someone and are holding a grudge (which you should never do, it's a poison for the soul), always remember :
Hurt people hurt people!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016



These past few months I've been seeing youtubers do a lot of ''beauty hacks'' or ''life hacks'' that they've seen on pinterest, buzzfeed and such. 
I can't be the only one who thinks that some of them are just plain ridiculous or not healthy nor safe for you.

I've collected some of them that I think are the most inappropriate and I've even provided you with some alternatives. 

  • Using a knife to create the perfect contour. Or even worse, the eyeliner. That can't be safe.  ALTERNATIVE: if you really want to experiment, use a card. You can also use the card to prevent your mascara going to your eyelids when you're putting it on.
  • Another one is using sticky tape to achieve the perfect cat eye or contour. Sticky tape pulls on your skin and isn't healthy for you.
  • Using coloured pencils as lipstick. You are supposed to put the pencil in some hot water until it melts and then apply it to your lips. So you are telling me you are at home and you managed to find coloured pencils but not lipstick? Or even worse, you went and bought coloured pencils. If you're in the store, why not just buy the lipstick then? Plus, it doesn't even spread well and never works out.
  • The ''instant eyeliner''. You are supposed to put the eyeliner on your lash curler and it's supposed to transfer. It never does. Even if it does, it doesn't transfer completely or it's smudgy. And keep in mind, not all of us have the same eye shape.
  • Putting eye drops into a dry mascara. I did that once and got pink eye. ALTERNATIVE: Put a cup of water into a microwave to heat it up, then just take the cup, put your whole mascara in, and the hot water will melt the dry parts of the mascara.
  • Putting baby powder on your skin after a day at the beach. Here's the alternative: shower. Simple as that. And less messy than putting baby powder on yourself, lol.
  • Cleaning a razor with olive oil.That one is just redundant. Just rinse it off and not waste olive oil.
  • Putting deodorant on oily parts of your face (for example your T-zone) to prevent your face from getting oily. Deodorant is not safe for your face. It's filled with chemicals.
  • Putting petroleum jelly on your lashes to make them grow faster. Do not do that, your eyes are sensitive and not the place to put petroleum jelly. It will cause those little white bumps on your lashline. ALTERNATIVE: use castor oil. It is amazing.
  • Using salt to make body scrubs. Salt does not dissolve as an exfoliant and can actually damage your skin. ALTERNATIVE: use sugar instead.
  • Putting lemons/lemon juice on your nails to whiten them. Lemons are acidic and will damage and dry your nails. And also, if you bite your skin around the nails, it will sting. A lot.
  • Another one with lemons is, using lemons to whiten your armpits. Please, do not do that. It may do the trick, but as I've said, lemons are acidic and will damage your skin. The skin on your armpits is super sensitive.
  • Using hairspray to set your makeup. Hairspray has a lot of chemicals and is not a thing to put on your face. ALTERNATIVE: if you have some baby powder laying around, you can use it instead of transluecent powder.
  • Using oils on your face instead of moisturizer is not good for your skin. Oil will clog your pores. Using oil for your skin is only good if you have super clear skin or if your skin is mature.
  • Using a sharpie instead of eyeliner. I hope none of you think this is a good idea. They are not made for human skin, let alone for the skin around your eyes.
  • Using onions to speed up your eyebrow growth.. Ouch?! First of all, it will make you cry. Second of all.. Why?
I hope that you learned something, but more than that, I hope that some of you reading this think ''there, finally someone said it''!