Monday, October 12, 2015




 So, apparently I can't get over CATRICE cosmetics and their lippies and polishes.
Očitno še vedno ne prebolim izdelkov CATRICE.

I have been dreading getting a dark lip colour because I am a really pale girl and I just thought I will look like a zombie. But one day I was experimenting and I actually found out the dark lip makes my blue eyes stand out and I started loving dark lips! 
I went to a drugstore the same day and immediately found the perfect lipstick for me and it just happened to be catrice. 

Čeprav sem si vedno želela imeti temno rdečo šminko, sem vedno oklevala, saj sem bleda punca. Bila sem mnenja, da bom izgledala kot zombi, vendar sem zadnjič eksperimentirala in ugotovila, da mi temna šminka v bistvu paše, in da modre oči pridejo bolj do izraza. Še isti dan sem šla v DM in takoj našla popolno temno rdečo šminko, in itak, da je bila od Catrice!

So I ended up getting the colour 340, Berry Bradshaw .

The colour is great, and mine stayed on for a couple of hours! It is however not meant to be long lasting so it will leave residue on glasses you drink from etc. 

But wait, there's more! 
It is super moisturizing and it does not make your lips dry! 
There is no need to put chapstick underneath and your lips won't look gross after you put it on, which is a major problem I have with wearing lipstick.

Barva je super. Šminka je na meni ostala par ur, čeprav ni long lasting, tako da pričakuj sledove na kozarcih.
Dejansko je šminka vlažilna, meni ni izsušila ustnic, kar je vedno problem z menoj, ki si pred vsako šminko nanesem labelo.

I love catrice because they have really good products which are affordable too!
Obožujem catrice ker izdelki niso dragi, vendar zelo kvalitetni.

And to go with the autumn theme, of course I had to get the ultimate dark red nail polish! It is the number 17, Caught On The Red Carpet .
With this polish, you will only need 1 coat and you will instantly have dark red nails. Perfect for fall! 

If you want almost black-ish red nails, you can add another layer, but 1 will be enough.
Mine dries really quickly and it doesn't chip so far.

Ko smo že pri jeseni, sem seveda morala kupiti še jesenski lak. Vzela sem št 17.
Potrebovala boš samo en sloj. Če želiš skoraj da črne nohte, pa nanesi dva sloja.

Hitro se suši in kar nekaj časa se ni okrušil.

P.S. : If you click on the numbers, it takes you to their site :) You're welcome ;) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015



After being away for a long time, I decided to make a printable October calendar for you organisation freaks like me :)

Finally, it's sweater weather and PSL and all pumpkin spice everything time!
I can't wait to get into decorating for halloween and carving pumpkins and all the fall colours and fall must haves!

So, here is the printable for you guys, hope you enjoy it! 

Making your own personalized calendar is much more inexpensive than going out and buying a $50 planner if you can't afford it. 
You can just print this out and tape it somewhere around your desk so it's in your sight all the time.