Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Essence XXL nail thickener

This is going to be a short one but I still wanted to post it.
Last week, I was at my bf's house and had no clear nail polish. So I went to DM and bought the first, cheapest polish I could find. Essence usually works for me.

Tale post bo kratek, ampak sem vseeno želela deliti izkušnje.
Prejšnji teden sem spala pri fantu in sem doma pozabila lak za utrjevanje nohtov, brez katerega pa ne morem ker so moji nohti zelo krhki. Seveda sem šla v DM in kupila prvi najcenejši utrjevalec, ki sem ga opazila. Z essencom imam ponavadi dobre izkušnje.

If you didn't know, essence is a cruelty free brand!
Če nisi vedela, so essence cruelty free, kar pomeni, da ne testirajo na živalih!

At first, I had the ''triple care'' polish , then I ran out of it, because it was so good. Thinking they were all going to be this good, I went and bought the XXL nail thickener. I was quite disappointed.
Maybe I just got an old product (which I doubt), but the polish was super super thick. 
That kind of thick, that it can't even spread properly. 

Sprva sem imela Triple Care utrjevalec, vendar mi ga je zmanjkalo, ker sem ga celega porabila, saj je bil tako dober. Misleč, da so vsi Essencovi utrjevalci dobri, sem vzela XXL Nail Thickener. Na žalost sem bila razočarana. Morda sem dobila star produkt (v kar dvomim, saj je ta DM kar dovolj obiskan), ampak lak je bil zelo gost. Tako gost, da se sploh ni dal mazati. 

My nails were a little bit whitened when I put the polish on, but at the end of the day it had chipped off. 
I used it a couple of times(5 times) more, and it was always the same.
Maybe it was just that my product was old, but I would not recommend buying that one. 
That was the first ever nail polish from essence that let me down.

Moji nohti so bili malce obeljeni, zaradi česar sem lak tudi kupila, vendar se je lak do večera že odkrušil z mojih nohtov.
Nekajkrat (petkrat..) sem preizkusila lak, da ne bi obsojala že prvič, vendar je bila vsakič enaka zgodba.
Še vseeno dopuščam možnost, da sem dobila star lak, vendar nakupa ne priporočam.

To je zaenkrat prvi lak od Essence-a, ki me je razočaral. 

I would however recommend the triple care one, that's a given! Worked super well, didn't chip for weeks, and hardened my nails!

Še vseeno priporočam utrjevalec Triple Care! Je zelo obstojen, ni se nič odkrušil in res mi je utrdil nohte! 


  1. Its interesting to read how different the products re within the same make.

    1. Yes, it's weird. I'm just glad it's an affordable brand so I don't really dwell on it being a bad product. If I had spent 10€ on it, then I'd be pissed. haha

  2. you had a very bad experience... I don't know if it's better not to buy the product at all (not to risk nail damages) or just avoiding the store where you had it because they sell too old products. Hope note have your same experience by the way.

    1. It's really weird, because I always buy everything in the DM where I live. I've taken every single thing into consideration because I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt but I think it's just a bad product. Oh well, better luck next time I guess

  3. I have noticed there are sometimes huge differences between the products of a same brand. I have some products from Essence but not that triple care one - will check it at the local DM.

    1. Triple care is way more effective than this one :)

  4. Sorry to hear that the polish was disappointing, its bad that it was so thick. Shame as Essence normally has some great products and they are cruelty free too.

    1. It's the first time I was disappointed by one of their nail polishes. Oh well :)

  5. It’s so weird, I love Essence nail polishes and have never been disappointed. I am so sad to hear about your bad experience with this polish, but maybe it was really an old product?

  6. Ohh sorry to hear that! But like what they said, "charge to experience". ;) Maybe it's just that product too.

  7. It's a shame that it didn't work very well for you. It sounded promising from the label.