Saturday, August 6, 2016



School is coming, and I bet you're all thrilled. No? Oh, who would've thought.

I put together a list of things that will really come in handy and will save your life in school.

  • BANDAID : always carry a bandaid because you never know what could happen. I carry one small and one little one in my wallet.
  • HAIR TIES : how many times has anyone borrowed a hair elastic from you and you never got it back? My tip is, carry one in your wallet for ''emergencies''.
  • HAND CREAM : I still remember sitting in class, looking at my palms and noticing the dryness. It drove me crazy. I always said to myself ''I'm gonna take care of it when I get home'', but I never did. Then I started carrying hand cream with me at all times.
  • HAND SANITIZER : pulling your chair and touching the bottom of it then touching some old gum? Touching some old gum under the table?0 Happened to me. And we all know you can't just walk to the washroom, so a hand sanitizer is the best. You can also buy them as a keychain. I got mine from DM- Balea.
  • NAIL FILE : if I had a dollar for every time my nail chipped in class I'd be a millionaire. Find a nail file that fits into your wallet and carry it at all times.
  • TISSUES : everyone gets a cold during the cold months so I suggest you carry tissues. Also, all those awkward moments when you go pee and find out there's no toilet paper after you're done? Tissues are your best friends.
  • SNACK : I remember getting hungry later in the day and being broke so I couldn't really eat anything. Then I started bringing snacks such as little chocolate bars, nuts, or fruit such as tangerines, apples, etc. They are also a good pick me up when your energy is low.
  • WATER BOTTLE : the number one rule in life is ''hydrate'', so I don't think this needs explaining
  • PLANNER : because you have to remember when you're taking tests, when certain essays are due.
  • CHAPSTICK : lips tend to get really dry during the cold months, so you will need a chapstick.
  • PORTABLE CHARGER : yes, I know phones are prohibited in school, but we all used them anyway.
  • MINTS : because we all know where opening a pack of chewing gum gets you. You should just buy mints, teachers won't scold you for chewing, plus there's way more mints in a packet than gum so you can easily hand it out to others
  • COMB : a little comb to put in your wallet is essential on days when you have PE.

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