Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I've always kinda laughed at the idea of ''inspirational quotes'', and always made fun of them. 
But truth be told, these past few months, they've been helping me. 
Battling anxiety and having depressing thoughts really got to me last month. And I've come to realise, it's all about little steps. 
It's all about changing your mindset, it's all about positive affirmations!
You can't really get rid of it, you can't wake up and say ''now my anxiety is gone'', but what you can do is battle it. Try to work with it. Learn to cope with it. Every little step counts.

That's why I think those quotes will really help someone going through something. I know these stuff might sound cliche, but when you think about it.. Cliches are cliches for a reason. 

And if you were hurt by someone and are holding a grudge (which you should never do, it's a poison for the soul), always remember :
Hurt people hurt people!

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