Monday, November 2, 2015



I know I'm actually a day late for this, but it doesn't matter as long as I put it up for you guys!
If you haven't started planing your month already or if you still haven't gotten a planner, I got you covered! 
I'm just going to post these DIY calendars every month now. You can print them out. You can also make them yourself, in word excel! 

So I'm just gonna stop rambling and give you the printable, enjoy! Hope you like it. It's still fall themed but I made the tabel blue, because where I live, it rains a lot more in november. It's actually gotten so much colder in the last few days, so I can't get away with wearing just a faux leather jacket, I actually have to put on a big warm coat!

I had so much trouble converting this from .doc to .jpg I almost gave up on it, but gladly I stuck through it, and here it is : 

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